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All clinics are free and open to the public and will be held at the 119th & Quivira or Ward Parkway Center GGRS locations, from 6:30-7:30pm one Thursday each month. Eladio Valdez III, Coach of The Runner’s Edge, will serve as the presenter unless noted. Please RSVP to Eladio at least one day before to by the day preceding the clinic to reserve your spot.There will be a drawing for two $25 GGRS gift certificates at each clinic.
Jan 30
Kansas City
Prehab Exercises for Prevention and Peak Performance
Sports Chiropractor Dr. Toby Scott will go over easy-to-follow prehab exercises to help
prevent many of today’s most common running injuries and to better prepare your body to handle the rigors of training. Not only can these exercises help to prevent injuries but they can also help you perform at your peak. Simply put, ALL runners need to get stronger and more flexible to stay healthy!
Feb 27
Overland Park
More Bang for your Buck: How to Make the Most of your Running Time
Learn how to safely inject more quality into your training to improve your running and racing while lowering the risk of injury. With our busy schedules, discover how easy it is to conveniently incorporate time efficient & effective strength, speed, and flexibility drills.
March 27
Kansas City
Efficient Running with Better Form & Minimalist Shoes
Running Form expert Jack Cady, PT, will demonstrate good running form and how to correct common flaws in most runners to lower the risk of injury while improving training & race performance. He will also talk about barefoot running and minimalist shoes.
April 24
Overland Park
G.I. Issues: How to deal with Nausea and other Digestive Problems
Gastroenterologist and marathoner Dr. Stella Quiason, will address common digestive issues faced by runners and how to effectively deal with them.
May 22
Overland Park
Strength Exercises that ALL Runners Should Do
Physical Therapist Dr. Dan Lorenz will lead us through a series of exercises that are vital for all runners to lower the risk of injury while improving their running.
June 26
Kansas City
Kansas City Marathon Kickoff Meeting: How to Train for your Hometown Marathon
Learn the most important training guidelines to set yourself up for a positive first time experience or PR on October 18. Half marathon training tips will also be addressed.
July 24
Overland Park
The Most Common Running Injuries and What You Can Do About Them
Sports Medicine Dr. Barbara Semakula will address common issues faced by runners such as hamstring pain, plantar fascities, and neurapothies and share her advice on how to treat them.
Aug 21
Kansas City
Nutrition for Runners
Nutritionist Sally Berry will share sound advice on how to fuel the body for endurance. She’ll address the confusion surrounding supplements, protein, carbs, and fats as well as how to safely deal with weight management while training for a marathon. Bring your questions!
Sept 25
Overland Park
Marathon & Half Marathon Race Day Tips
Avoid the most common mistakes in a marathon and learn how to set yourself up for a positive and successful race. Get the specifics on how to handle the course and replenish intelligently.